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Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini Daily Horoscope
May 22 - Jun 22

Daily Horoscope for Sunday 4 October
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There's a saying that involves those who speak loudest being listened to more than those who make their point in more subtle ways. Just because someone is speaking at a loud volume doesn't make what they have to say more relevant or powerful. Our inner voice can get just as carried away sometimes. If yours is telling you something in a loud and possibly serious tone, you don't have to be quick to heed it. Give it a chance to calm down before considering it. Get your 2015 Personal Forecast.

Weekly Horoscope starting 2 October:

You probably don't see yourself as a stubborn so-and-so. You might be aware of how focused you can be on ideas of your creation and making others aware of these if they represent a better way of doing something. You can be very determined when the need arises but coming developments could reveal how and why diplomacy and flexibility can produce better results than digging your heels in. Progress this week relies on your ability to share and accommodate.

Monthly Horoscope for October:

What is it they say about what we usually regret most in life? We tend to regret what we didn't do, as opposed to what we did. We can all relate to that statement. Whilst we can recall quite easily something we did that we wished we hadn't done, we can be a bit too quick to ignore something positive that did actually result from action we took. During October, it is likely to become clear that you needn't nurture a regret or continue to feel apologetic for action taken some time ago.

With your very own personal monthly forecast you will be able to take advantage of important opportunities. Avoid over-confidence when caution is required. Face up to situations you have been trying to ignore. Deal with challenging periods. Slow down and take stock when it's necessary. Identify the right time to make a choice or decision. Be ready for surprises and accepting of them. See through deceptions, learn you too can say no. Handle a change of relationship, job or home. When you get your personalized Monthly Forecast we use your precise birth data making the horoscope unique to you.

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