Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Sunday December 11
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When we feel stuck in a situation or arrangement, we can't help but think someone else is benefiting from our willingness to remain in it. Then, resentment sets in. We want freed from a restrictive situation but see no way of removing ourselves. You look set to receive helpful and timely insight into a way you can be freed from a situation or arrangement. Try not to be so fussy that you dismiss an option that, with closer examination, will reveal itself as an ideal opportunity. Do you truly understand children? Let a Child Gifts horoscope help you know more about a child's upbringing.

Weekly Horoscope starting 09 December

Venus is active in your sign this week and her mission appears to surround encouraging you to assess certain situations and possibly one in particular to decide where you might have been 'going wrong' in some way. You might be painfully aware of what hasn't worked or materialized and not seen much in the way of new options. Expect soon to see an old, tired situation in a very new and inspiring light. A new way needs to be tried and coming events will highlight what this is.

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Monthly Horoscope for December

With assertive Mars continuing to transit your sign until the 19th, whatever you set your mind to achieving stands every chance of success. On the 6th, Mars is joined by Venus and a combination of enthusiastic energy and charm will ensure you get your way, even with the most stubborn person. Perhaps, they won't be able to resist charisma you'll be oozing? A Full Moon in your romance sector on the 13th could confirm how deep someone's feelings for you really are.

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