Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Monday August 29
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There are times when we introduce change into our world only to discover we have confused or even concerned those closest to us. All they see is a sudden and seemingly hastily-made decision but can be oblivious to how thought-through it really is. You know there is method in apparent madness but where you thought your actions spoke for themselves regarding this, you might have to work a bit harder to gain support from certain quarters. Be prepared to do so. What's he secret of true love and a better relationship? Understanding each other is crucial. Discover what you need to know!

Weekly Horoscope starting 26 August

Developments this week could cause you to feel you've taken a backward step or returned to a situation you believed you'd moved on from. Don't see this as an annoying prank being played by a seemingly uncaring cosmos. It's likely you'll see this past situation or scenario in a new light and it's also very likely you'll see what you failed to see the first time around. Embrace the fact that you're having to focus attention on something that can finally be moved on from properly.

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Monthly Horoscope for August

Highlights of this month for you include your co-ruler, Saturn, turning direct after a four-month slumber and a Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse occurring in your sign. The month promises to be a volatile one so be on your guard for out-of-the-blue changes to the most carefully-laid plans. The cosmos promises though that any surprises will be the welcome variety and it's a plan that receives the green light to proceed that could make August a memorable and pivotal month.

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