Aries Daily Horoscope

Aries Daily Horoscope

Tuesday February 21
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As keen as you might be to take the lead in a particular area, you'd like a process or arrangement between you and someone else to be balanced in every way. Try to encourage two-way involvement rather than making it easy for someone let you take control. A shared learning process is on offer if you make clear how and why you need someone to be less detached. How do you make the most of lifes opportunities? Get a Forecaster to find out.

Weekly Horoscope starting 17 February

This week's tense link between your ruler and Pluto is unlikely to pass unnoticed. Having the planet of impatience and impetuousness challenging the planet of passion and obsession is likely to instill a sense of urgency surrounding a particular matter. You're likely right to question what appears questionable but try not to succumb a sense of pressure. Taking something slowly and steadily will ensure you win the race provided you don't take something too far!

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Monthly Horoscope for February

February commences with Venus entering your sign on the 3rd to join Mars already there having entered Aries at the end of January. It won't take long for you to see what the planets of love and passion working in tandem can bring, either! You have a perfect opportunity to focus on what or who makes your heart beat faster and channel Mars' energy toward making it happen. This is a month to truly make your mark and attract - or impress - whoever you set your sights on.

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