Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Monday October 24
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When we're struggling to do something, we feel relieved instead of resentful toward someone stepping in to assist us. We feel even more relieved if we're reassured the person stepping in has accomplished before what we're trying to make happen. Try to distinguish the difference between someone helping you to solve a problem and learning from the process from someone who is well placed to offer a solution based on experience. The latter is on offer if you want it. What financial skills do you possess? Discover the underlying priorities that drive your earnings with a Career Analysis.

Weekly Horoscope starting 21 October

Truth, we know, has a tendency to hurt – or at least it does to anyone who has been convincing themselves of an untruth! Where certain others in your world might feel inclined to stick their heads in sand or choose to conveniently ignore the reality of a situation, you have no hesitation in bringing it into the open for it to be seen properly and realistically. Will this make you popular? Probably not, but you will be integral to at least one truth finally being recognized and accepted.

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Monthly Horoscope for October

Your home or with whom you share it could be a focal point with many Cancerians making changes to or within their abode. The Full Moon on the 16th could bring pleasing, albeit unexpected, news. Something connected with your career could change swiftly and you'll soon be able to see the benefits to you regarding what transpires - especially if it surrounds long-awaited recognition of your talents or the fact you were right about something all along!

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