Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Thursday June 29
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It's important to recognize limits that exist surrounding how much you're able to do in a particular area and how quickly you're able to accomplish it. You might believe you have certain expectations from others to live up to and don't want to be seen to be in any way uncertain or inconsistent. In truth, the greatest pressure you're likely experiencing is coming from you. Others have realistic timescales and minds about what they need from you. It might be helpful to be reminded of these. Challenged? Identify the right time to make a choice or decision with a Forecaster reading.

Weekly Horoscope starting 23 June

You can see clearly an end result you want to reach and therefore, it's understandable that you should want to throw more coal into the engines to speed a process along. What might happen though if you were so focused on speed that you became complacent about the direction you're heading? After all, one degree off course could take you to a place that differs from where you want to be. This week, focus more on the destination than increasing speed or pressure to get there!

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Monthly Horoscope for June

Focus is likely to involve a partnership of either a personal or professional nature. If you've managed to bide your time and refrain from bringing a tense or sensitive issue into the open, then you might not be able to hide from it this month. However, Venus's influence will ensure love and messages of comfort make up for any tension or confrontation. If you possess a creative talent that has lain dormant for too long, then the urge to reconnect with and share it with the world could be strong.

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