Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Sunday December 11
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Everyone has 'buttons' that can be pressed that allow a select few to have access to what we keep hidden within ourselves. This needn't always take the form of secrets. We all know what our weaknesses are or what 'soft spot' can be connected with to get us on someone's side. Accepting and knowing your own weaknesses can play an integral part in connecting with someone else's. Their tough veneer can be penetrated with the right levels of honesty, sensitivity and compassion. How can you develop more understanding of your personal status, social life and secret dreams? Discover how!

Weekly Horoscope starting 09 December

If something is to be done properly, then it's going to have to be done by you. As much as you might wish you could involve others in the pursuit of a plan, you're going to have to go it alone. The first step to achieving success where you want to achieve it is to accept something needs to be done practically and methodically. You can't expect to run before you can walk. As the Sun conjuncts Saturn, you can very much be the captain of your own destiny in any way you choose.

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Monthly Horoscope for December

During a time of year many consider most expensive, you'll have your finger on your financial pulse during December. Mars's influence could see costs increasing by the hour but, fortunately, Venus is at hand to ensure you don't have sleepless nights about money issues. The Full Moon on the 13th could bring an interesting opportunity to boost your income while the New Moon in your sign on the 29th could revive your keenness to pursue a certain ambition close to your heart.

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