Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Friday May 25
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It's important for discussions or negotiations to be balanced between what someone can offer you and what you're confident you can offer in return. Taking any exchange down a one-way street by not highlighting how both sides benefit could result in a stalemate. Be upfront and transparent about what you want and can offer. Don't leave the ball in someone's court to put two and two together and confirm this for themselves. Discover important astrological events. Can you make the most of them?

Weekly Horoscope starting 25 May

'And…relax.' Hearing such words often brings an intense sense of relief. It means we're able to detach ourselves, possibly only briefly, from something that has required considerable effort or concentration. This week, the cosmos encourages you to take stock of a particular situation and bring some level of balance into your life with downtime, or quality 'you time.' A chapter in your world is coming to an end – whether this involves a secret coming to light, a health matter being resolved or a work-related project finishing. However, by distancing yourself from what has taken up much time and effort recently will reveal what your next move must be.

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Monthly Horoscope for May

You might be quite content with routines or comfort zones within your love life. However, if any part of you yearns for spontaneity and excitement, then your wish is about to be granted in amazing ways. On May 15th, Uranus, the planet of change, upheaval and surprises influences affairs of the heart until November. It then takes up permanent residency from March 2019 until April 2026, so to say far-reaching and unignorable change affects romantic involvements is an understatement. On the same day, a New Moon influences love, romance, and creativity, bringing a fresh start in each area – so take your pick! If you choose to instigate a change, then resist doing so suddenly. You might not have considered a bigger picture properly. Also, Venus influences partnerships and commitments from May 19th until June 13th, bringing a greater sense of harmony and more focus to your closest relationships. Change is not only 'in the air,' but a gentle gust is about to become a gale. Being open-minded and flexible is more important now than ever before.

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