Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Saturday December 16
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You communicative skills come into their own at this time, especially if you're able to state clearly what others are struggling to convey. Whether this involves your local community, a social network or workgroup, others will nod in agreement at how you speak on their behalf. Although this puts you in the front line for criticism or negative responses, you have the support you need from those who believe in your communicative talents. Find out about your horoscope, based on your time, date and place of birth, with our Personal Outlook reading, available for instant download.

Weekly Horoscope starting 15 December

This week's biggest event from your point of view surrounds Saturn's departure from your opposite sign, where it has been since 2014. The noticeable absence of restrictions and frustrations where relationships and commitments are concerned won't be felt overnight. These have been three years in the making. However, you're about to discover a noticeable decrease in doubt that has permeated certain relationships. This could be the first essential step to success in an area where you resigned yourself to it never happening.

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Monthly Horoscope for December

A cherished plan might have 'it's now or never' written all over it but a focused and gradual approach is needed, regardless of how frustrating that might feel. Be honest with yourself about why something needs to be done so urgently. You might accelerate a result, but would it not be better to do whatever-it-is properly thoroughly? Fortunately, you have a grounding influence in the form of someone able to help you dial back your passionate, impetuous energy. It might also be necessary to involve this person with your plans because as invincible as you believe yourself to be, you'll soon take on more than your share of responsibilities if you're not careful.

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