Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Monday April 24
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Anyone wanting to engage you in lengthy conversation might find your lack of interest in doing so apparent and surprising. You're dealing with an increased level of sensitivity in your world and this could all too easily manifest as gloominess or despair. The answer? Try to find an outlet to express how you feel. Be creative. Committing your thoughts and feelings to paper in one of several ways might provide a perfect answer. Is your relationship a success? Find the best way to treat your partner and keep your love-life fresh.

Weekly Horoscope starting 21 April

You might have felt alone with the pursuit of a plan that could be taking you into unchartered territory. You can see clearly what the end result of your efforts will bring but it's the fact that you're having to adjust to a new set of circumstances that could be the source of a fear. You might see too many 'what ifs' attached to what you should be seeing optimistically. This week, look closely at what it is you're fearful of. Then, having had a good look at it, banish it.

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Monthly Horoscope for April

Here's a question for you: if you were given one dollar, pound, euro, yen or whatever your currency is and doubled the amount each day, how long would it take before you became a millionaire? The answer is 21 days. On day 20, you'll be at 500,000. We can be oblivious to how quickly situations become compounded. This month, a new level of momentum is working in your favor in some way. What you might have envisaged would take a considerable amount of time could surprise you. Be prepared to adjust a plan accordingly.

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