Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Tuesday February 21
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Although you might be certain you have all the information or answers you need to throw yourself into a plan, the Moon's link with Jupiter implies you might need to put the brakes on and take stock of what you feel so certain about. It's possible new information could arrive that causes you to adopt a very new strategy but you'll likely be grateful for knowing more than you do currently. What are you capable of achieving?

Weekly Horoscope starting 17 February

Despite a strong urge to look into the future and instigate a change you feel will ensure a situation unfolds in a predictable and reassuring way, your ruler's link with Uranus implies it's not the future that needs your attention this week but the present. Focus on what you do have and what can be relied upon. Otherwise, you'll likely discover change you're keen to introduce to safeguard your future in some way will prove to be more unwelcome or unhelpful than you thought it would be.

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Monthly Horoscope for February

Venus will be influencing your solar sector of friendships and networking and you could be delighted at friendships that get formed or revived during coming weeks. What transpires around the Lunar Eclipse on the 10th could give you plenty to consider, especially as contracts and negotiations could feature at this time. If the Lunar Eclipse didn't involve a creative talent you possess, then the Solar Eclipse on the 26th might! A new professional opportunity beckons.

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