Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Monday March 19
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Your desire for control could be strong. Your keenness to manage situations or people could reach a frustrating level if you don't curtail it. It would be helpful to confirm why you feel such a strong need to steer anything or anyone now. If this involves a lack of trust, then that's a separate issue that needs addressing. In what way do you feel you're at risk of being let down? Others will probably do a better job of it if you'd involve yourself less and trust them more. How do you relate to people around you? Your personality and unique potential revealed.

Weekly Horoscope starting 16 March

Every successful person who has achieved financial security has their own story to tell about how they made their fortune. However, each will say they did so by giving people what they were certain people wanted. There you go – the secret to making millions in one, simple sentence! Although the sky doesn't imply you're likely to make millions, you do look set this week to have an idea that will enhance your financial status in some way. Perhaps, it's time to make something available that you possess, even knowledge, that you know others want or wish they had?

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Monthly Horoscope for March

This month, you could find you possess a Midas touch where instigating or resolving certain plans or issues are concerned. As March commences, your focus is squarely on a home, family or real estate matter. You might also need to juggle this with a positive career development requiring quick thinking on your part. Once Mercury commences its three-week, backward motion from the 22nd, you'll be in the throes of preparation for a cherished plan. Reconnecting with or reviving one involvement or association is also possible. However, the Full Moon on the 31st could mark the end of one relationship. Walking away from it should only be an option if you are certain you've explored all other possibilities.

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