Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Thursday January 19
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There's no harm in making clear what you want to make happen and what you expect from certain others for it to happen. We all admire a bit of passion in others and don't mind at times getting caught up in others' enthusiasm and determination. There are limits to how much others will accept being told what to do, though. If you can identify how certain others' support can benefit you, then fine but try to recognize the right and wrong ways of asking for it. What helps or hinders your earning capacity? Discover income opportunities and challenges with a Career Analysis.

Weekly Horoscope starting 13 January

It can be frustrating when we discover what we believe we want isn't actually what we need. A sign that we're getting this balance incorrect often surrounds us being frustrated that our efforts made in a particular way simply aren't bringing a desired result. This week, it's as if the cosmos is willing to make a concession on your part by offering a chance to separate a 'want' from a genuine 'need' – and then identify what needs to be tweaked in a plan to attain it!

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Monthly Horoscope for January

A confusing financial issue looks set to be resolved once Mercury starts moving direct on the 8th. When Venus enters your solar career and status sector on the 3rd, not only will harmony replace any tension on the career front but you could shine in a new role or find yourself being recognized and appreciated by powers-that-be. Don't fret if a financial issue raises its head around the Full Moon on the 12th. What comes to an end is making space for something better!

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