Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo Daily Horoscope

Thursday January 19
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Why would we want to test the saying about watched pots never boiling? We know they will, in time, and often have an accurate idea of how long that time will be, too. So, we ought to be doing something more constructive while we wait! Bear that in mind where your keenness to monitor closely a certain situation is concerned. Might you be doing something that's more counterproductive than productive? Probably! Relax and give it space to do what it will do. Is there a certain person you want to be closer to? Find out more about them and how astrologically compatible you are.

Weekly Horoscope starting 13 January

You might have recently wondered why a particular situation keeps recurring. Just as you found yourself comfortable with a matter having been resolved, a development comes along that pulls the rug out from under you and causes you to wonder where the flaw in a plan actually exists. This week, as the Sun squares Neptune, fog is about to clear. You're about to implement a new strategy that will work and be grounded in reality in ways a previous one wasn't.

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Monthly Horoscope for January

An exciting fresh start you've been anticipating might take longer than you'd hoped to show signs of progress, so allow until the 12th for momentum to get underway. The Full Moon could highlight in no uncertain terms a sensitive matter, possibly a romantic or relationship issue, that could see you tempted to brush it under the carpet to be dealt with at a later date. You will know it needs accepting and confronting. Rise above it confidently and resolve it, once and for all.

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