Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo Daily Horoscope

Thursday July 28
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We don't mind obstacles or challenges to carefully made plans if the obstacle or challenge represents something that could benefit us or improve what we'd set out to accomplish. Where it might appear to others you're changing proverbial horses mid-stream or altering an arrangement that had taken time to put in place, it's important you make clear your vision. You can likely see how changing an agreement suits you and others. They just need reassuring of this. What helps or hinders your ambition? A Career Analysis helps reveal your chances of success.

Weekly Horoscope starting 22 July

Keep confidence levels high this week because doing so could help you overcome an obstacle that surrounds what you don't know in a particular area. An absence of information has possibly played a part in lack of progress you've wanted to see that hasn't been through lack of trying. This week, it could be clear what you need to learn or at least find out more about if you are to overcome the hurdle. Being willing to say the words, 'I don't know' will get you halfway there.

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Monthly Horoscope for July

Leos can be the most impressive leaders. However, even the most impressive leaders must accept a need to learn and request support from time to time. Coming weeks see you embarking upon a learning curve of some kind and to truly benefit from this, you're going to have to accept there's something you don't know or have an answer to. By gaining knowledge or insight where it's needed, you can identify - and seize - a very valuable opportunity.

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