Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra Daily Horoscope

Monday March 27
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Your opposite sign of commitments and contracts hosts a New Moon and Moon/Sun and Moon/Venus conjunctions. A fresh start is on offer where one alliance is concerned but with other lunar links involved, as much as you might be determined to ring certain changes that you know will make your and someone else's life sweeter, be 'live' to how overbearing you could be. Change that suits you might suit them but they deserve to be allowed to offer input regarding them. Relationship dilema, have you got a true Soul Mate in your midst ?

Weekly Horoscope starting 24 March

This week's events could surround the tense link between Jupiter in your sign and Pluto in your solar sector of foundations. Tension, possibly connected with home or family, is about to increase and reach 'breaking point'. This could also be amplified by a belief on your part that you're not being listened to or supported in a way you need both. It's likely that thoughts, feelings or opinions could be released. This, as you'll see, will prove to be more positive than it sounds.

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Monthly Horoscope for March

There's considerable planetary activity in your opposite sign of relationships and commitments this month. March commences with Venus going retrograde in this sector until mid-April. A New Moon on the 27th could help with a fresh start surrounding one partnership and you refraining from reflecting on the past. The arrival of Mercury and the Sun help the pace to pick up on relationship fronts but a tense Jupiter/Pluto link on the 30th brings home or family-related tension. An almighty 'clearing of the air' might be what's needed to improve a domestic situation.

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