Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra Daily Horoscope

Friday October 28
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The sky insists you have an excellent reason to be embracing a new set of circumstances emerging where your involvement or pursuit of a certain idea or plan is concerned. We hear people use the phrase, 'it's so close I can taste it' and you appear very close to experiencing success with what you're undertaking now. Allow yourself to be inspired and motivated to see what else might be possible not that you've had a 'taste' of what is potentially on offer! What's your earning potential? Discover the the circumstances that shape your earning power with a Career Analysis.

Weekly Horoscope starting 28 October

Imagine how wine or cheese would taste if neither was allowed to mature. Only someone truly impatient who saw no benefit in letting a process unfold properly over time would dismiss the need for time to work its magic. Your ruler Venus's link with Pluto is encouraging you to believe that a situation can improve with time and become something much sweeter if you'll trust that a reason to feel genuinely optimistic isn't unfounded. It's real. It just needs time to improve!

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Monthly Horoscope for October

Your powers or persuasiveness are about to receive a significant boost once communication planet Mercury enters your sign on the 7th and receives brilliant support from good luck planet Jupiter on the 11th. If you've been waiting for the right time to clinch a deal or sign on the dotted line, this would be a perfect time to do so. The Full Moon in your commitment sector on the 16th could bring a surprising - but very pleasing - development between you and someone close.

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