Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Monday April 24
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This is an excellent time to succumb to a creative urge and if a deadline is looming in some way, then that might be an excellent motivator to create your masterpiece. What you start might require some input or possibly contributions from one or two others but there will be no doubt about who's in charge of the project. Releasing a creative talent can be therapeutic and relaxing more than one way so, go on. Surprise yourself with what emerges. What influenced your own development, assertiveness, friendships and social attitudes? Discover more about the power of your mind and attitude towards money.

Weekly Horoscope starting 21 April

All too often, we believe we have no chances left to bring an improvement to what we know needs improving. This often has much to do with us having tried on several occasions to make progress and convinced ourselves we've failed. When that mindset sets in, we then believe 'we had our chance and blew it.' This week, you could spot what hasn't yet been tried with a situation you gave up on some time ago. Another chance is presenting itself. Seize it wholeheartedly.

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Monthly Horoscope for April

A watched pot will boil eventually, provided enough heat's available to do so. It's not the most interesting thing to watch but we know how the saying goes. Of course, 'pot watching' won't accelerate the process. For that, we need more heat. This month, you might feel inclined to monitor with unnecessary levels of attention a process you wish would hurry up and come to fruition. The answer involves giving it more 'heat' in the form of effort. Monitoring it won't do nearly as much as 'turning up the temperature'. Do that, and you can bring a result you've been waiting for.

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