Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Monday May 22
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You have someone willing to show you the ropes in a particular area but to truly benefit from their preparedness to assist, you'll need to accept there is something you need to learn or be shown. As quick a learner as you might be, someone can advise on getting a certain foundation in place that you can then build upon and possibly in your own way and time. As much as you might wish you were able to run, it's important to understand the concept of walking first! Do you want to put yourself in a more powerful position? Discover which astrological events are on the horizon.

Weekly Horoscope starting 19 May

You know what you're talking about and are superbly placed to make this clear to a certain person. As much as you can understand why they have their own way of doing something or insist you stick with what they know to be tried and tested, you could feel more enthused by introducing a new methodology or putting your unique mark on what you see as in need of updating or upgrading. Your powers of persuasion and negotiation are strong this week, so use them wisely and sparingly. You won't need as much of either as you might think you will.

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Monthly Horoscope for May

Fog dissipates surrounding matters related to your earnings and, from early May, uncertainty is replaced with order. Be willing to look closely at your financial situation and accept what you've learned in recent weeks that can be applied to boost your earnings in some way. The Full Moon on the 10th brings closure to a plan or project that offers stability in the future, especially if this is connected with learning, studying, publishing or broadcasting. Celebrating this could coincide with a home or family development at month-end that's also worthy of opening champagne for!

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