Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Monday May 22
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There might be no escaping the fact that, as tedious and uninspiring as a certain task or methodology might be, you're going to have to summon patience, discipline and enthusiasm to do it properly. Trying to identify a shortcut will only add to time and your frustration levels. What you need to commit to or deliver might appear to be chalk-dry boring but try to appreciate the logic surrounding why it needs doing one way and only one way! What are the options that are avalable to you? Get your in depth psychological profile.

Weekly Horoscope starting 19 May

Continued emphasis exists on connecting with like-minded individuals and if you haven't yet formed new and helpful alliances with others who share an interest in at least one topic close to your heart, then events this week might be pivotal to you doing so. You could be delighted and inspired to discover you're not as alone as you thought you regarding a cause or project close to your heart. Communication between you and one comrade could flow amazingly.

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Monthly Horoscope for May

Creative inspiration returns and if you've been struggling to express yourself or have a meaningful exchange with a child or lover, then relief and reassurance replace confusion and miscommunication. Try not to resist a need likely to grow strong around the Full Moon on the 10th to withdraw or enjoy your own company. It's by tending to your own needs that you'll find yourself emotionally recharged and refocused. Expect your workload to increase from mid-May until early June – but also expect recognition and praise in return for the extra investment of effort!

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