Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Wednesday May 04
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You might be tempted to tread carefully around a particular topic with a certain person, perhaps believing it's best to be seen to be helpful and supportive in some way without bringing your own opinion of a matter into the equation. That might have served you well until now but if it isn't becoming clear that you are entitled to your opinion and one that might cause a few eyes to widen, then it will become clear soon. Say what you need to say sensitively and all will be fine. Learn how to successfully plan ahead, with your own personal forecast.

Weekly Horoscope starting 29 April

A desire to pursue something solo could grow strong during coming days. In other words, there's something you should consider doing alone, without input or intervention from others. This could make you prone to negative criticism from certain quarters but they probably don't understand what you're trying to achieve. That doesn't necessarily make them wrong but by proving what you can do alone, you'll soon gain support and understanding where you want and need it.

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Monthly Horoscope for May

The sky speaks this month of a need to assess where your time is best invested and also of a delightful surprise that awaits you by doing so. It appears your faith is about to revived toward an obligation that has, so far, been seen by you as uninspiring and falling short of what you have wanted and needed it to be. During coming weeks, you're likely to see how much potential something you've seen as a drain on time and resources actually holds.

With your very own personal monthly forecast you will be able to take advantage of important opportunities. Avoid over-confidence when caution is required. Face up to situations you have been trying to ignore. Deal with challenging periods. Slow down and take stock when it's necessary. Identify the right time to make a choice or decision. Be ready for surprises and accepting of them. See through deceptions, learn you too can say no. Handle a change of relationship, job or home. When you get your personalized Monthly Forecast we use your precise birth data making the horoscope unique to you. Click here to read a sample of the new low cost personal twelve Month Forecast