Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Wednesday October 26
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One person's idea of justice can often differ from someone else's. Much depends on how 'morally right' one person is in what they believe to fair and just. There are times when someone's idea of both surrounds what they believe to be best for them and them alone. You might need to stand up for yourself in some way – and possibly against someone who believes themselves to be right. You have fairness on your side as long as you're prepared to defend what you know to be right. What are you capable of achieving?

Weekly Horoscope starting 21 October

Great minds, we are told, think alike. Sometimes though, we become disappointed at discovering someone else has not only had the same train of thought about something we've had but has also hit upon a fantastic idea we believed to be our own. As Jupiter links with Neptune this week, you could discover you and someone else have had the same idea but it is possible something amazing can come should you work together to achieve a shared objective.

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Monthly Horoscope for October

If contact or communication with friends or peers have dwindled recently, the first week of October could be a real tonic where connecting and reconnecting with friends and acquaintances are concerned. Increased emphasis is on teamwork and more than one fantastic result can be achieved – and with a little help from a friend or two, too! On the 18th, Venus enters your sign until 11 November, boosting your powers of attraction – and bank balance!

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