Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Friday May 06
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Some people believe that, when we help others, we do so to please ourselves in the first instance. We bring pleasure to others because doing so makes us feel good or we're making a wonderful contribution in some way. Yet, there are times when we assist others because we want to make them feel supported and valued. Whatever your reason, showing support someone's direction will make both of you feel good. So, for that reason, it has to be worth doing. Do you want a heads-up on the most important events of your life?

Weekly Horoscope starting 06 May

Many contracts contain clauses or are worded in a way to confuse or bore those whom they pertain to. The idea is to encourage someone to sign so an arrangement can be moved on from or proceeded with. It's not uncommon for contracts to contain hidden clauses that an eagle-eyed reader could discover to be beneficial. This week's Transit of Mercury can play a big part in you benefiting from an aspect of an arrangement that you'd not been aware existed previously.

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Monthly Horoscope for May

With activity occurring in your opposite sector of arrangements, agreements, contracts and commitments, it's clear where much of your time and focus will be given. It is, however, one particular situation that is likely to be a focal point. As the Transit of Mercury brings to light certain information, expect to have to alter a plan you saw previously as set-in-stone. To your delight, you're about to discover how much more promise and potential it actually holds.

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