Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Saturday May 26
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The more willing you are to adopt a 'that was then, this is now' attitude to more than one area of your world, the easier it will be to accept how positive changing circumstances are. You could be keen to cling to an aspect of your past only for sentimental reasons, even if you know it takes the form of emotional baggage you could do without. Wherever you feel a strong need to cling to what's familiar, be honest with yourself about the benefits of doing so. This could reveal some compelling reasons to let go. Identify the best moment for that important decision.

Weekly Horoscope starting 25 May

Events this week could help to redefine the boundaries of what's yours and what's someone else's. An issue surrounding you yearn to have more power or control could be a source of tension. For some Scorpions, matters relating to intimacy or joint finances that have been simmering away in the background could be brought into the open for ways forward to be discussed and agreed. The result of tension or escalating emotions from the Full Moon is likely to involve a new level of sharing between you and a certain person, with more 'giving' and less 'taking.' It's time to address your needs but also to take someone else's into account a bit more.

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Monthly Horoscope for May

If you feel something connected with a relationship or commitment has become too routine-like, then prepare for a wave of upheaval. Uranus, the planet of change and sudden developments, influences relationships from this month until November, giving you a glimpse into the significant and far-reaching changes coming to a committed partnership until Uranus settles in properly from March 2019 until April 2026. Be assured that whatever needs 'shaking' will be shaken and focus could exist squarely on any relationship comfort zones. A New Moon on the 15th reinforces the need to follow a new commitment path in some way. You'll also likely find tension and passions running high on home and family fronts. Mars influences all things domestic from May to November, and your cosmic mission surrounds finding ways to keep the peace and focus this intense energy positively and constructively.

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