Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Thursday January 19
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When we are asked or ask ourselves what we have to lose by pursuing a particular plan, making ourselves look daft often finds its way to the top of our list. We don't want to 'lose face' or find ourselves in an embarrassing or awkward position having taken a risk in some way. The fear of rejection can be as equally strong, too. Taking a certain risk now might not bring a desired result immediately but it will likely bring relief at making a discovery that answers a certain question. Is your relationship a success? Find the best way to treat your partner and keep your love-life fresh.

Weekly Horoscope starting 13 January

What might happen if you stepped outside of a comfort zone? What might result if you pushed a particular boundary? You might read such questions in the belief you're about to take a risk that brings with it a sense of trepidation. In truth, if you're not already asking yourself such questions, then this week could see you starting to do so. You know you can be achieving more than you are in some way. Coming events could point you in a direction to start doing so.

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Monthly Horoscope for January

Be prepared to use your creative talents to express yourself romantically as Venus influences your true love sector. Romantic thoughts merge beautifully with words or any other way you choose to reveal what's in your heart. The Full Moon on the 12th could highlight a publishing or advertising issue or a matter connected with travel or overseas. This could also have a legal slant to it. A New Moon on the 27th could mark the start of a new era domestically.

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