Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Monday August 21
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In an area of your world, you have something more to offer than you're being allowed to give. You're having to work within clearly defined boundaries, ensuring you're seen in a certain way by certain others. That not necessarily a bad position to be in as you've set a very helpful precedent regarding how you and your talents are perceived. However, you want the freedom to do more than what the confines of your current situation offers. Today's New Moon Solar Eclipse offers that. Discover the secret of a better relationship and make the most of life. Is this the year for love? Get your ultimate relationship report.

Weekly Horoscope starting 18 August

Your life might have taken a turn that has surprised or perplexed others recently but events this week will confirm why you're not obliged to explain or justify what you've instigated or embarked upon. There could be a strong career angle to this and if your efforts to bring change to that area have resulted in a greater sense of fulfillment and promise, then don't be swayed by criticism that could come from others.

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Monthly Horoscope for August

Coming weeks bring domestic disruption and something connected with your home or family comes to a head around the 7th. This might involve changes within your home or, for many Scorpions, a house move. Whatever transpires, you'll need to keep emotions out of any decisions as clear, sensible and pragmatic thinking and planning will be needed. As the month progresses, something starts to shift delightfully on the career front. A long-awaited job change is on the cards – and with you having more professional freedom and control than you've had before.

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