Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Monday March 27
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Today's New Moon occurs in your solar sector of daily routines and it's possible an assessment needs to be made of lifestyle habits. You might be surprised how stuck in a comfort zone some are and with lunar support in other ways, this could be a time when you introduce more suitable alternatives. Breaking deeply-entrenched habits won't happen overnight but effort made to bring improvements will have you feeling so much better within yourself in a short space of time. Is your relationship a true success? Find the best way to keep your love alive and behave towards one another.

Weekly Horoscope starting 24 March

Do you continue to keep something to yourself? Is it a matter of time before 'that' issue gets brought into the open? This week's square between Jupiter and Pluto could make this week the week it happens. Where you've bided your time, possibly bit your tongue, counted to ten or whatever else you've had to do to keep the peace, you could decide the time is right to bring into the open – or expose – what needs to seen or understood. Just be 'live' to when you've said or done enough.

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Monthly Horoscope for March

Activity is focused on your solar sector of self-improvement and routines and if you've been delaying a New Year's resolution to get fitter, healthier or improve your lifestyle, then coming weeks offer fantastic opportunities to do all of the above. The same sector highlights service to others and simple donations of your time or effort could make a big difference to someone's world. The month closes with a tense link between Jupiter and Pluto. It appears someone might have something to say about time you spend on your own, doing what pleases you.

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