Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Saturday November 25
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You're able to tweak a situation to make it suit you in a better and more preferable way. However, to do this requires a healthy combination of imagination and sensitivity. A conversation needs careful handling and a careful choosing of words. Resist speaking straight from 'the hip' and speak more from the depths of your heart. Do you make the most of your creative talents? Learn what you're capable of.

Weekly Horoscope starting 24 November

Where you might have been considering a drastic action or gesture, you'll be pleased to discover that neither will be needed. This might have much to do with you trying to bring a greater depth of excitement or fulfillment to an area of your world. You don't need to go to lengths you're considering to experience either or both. Coming events will do much to boost your confidence or self-esteem. With both heightened, you'll be amazed at what transpires with far less effort than you thought would be needed.

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Monthly Horoscope for November

It's as if the cosmos has huddled together to decide what could be done to bring magical and heartwarming developments to your world this month. You could see the first signs of what's in store around the Full Moon on the 4th. To make things more exciting, love and money planet Venus enters your sign on the 7th until early December. See how loved and admired you feel around the 13th and 14th. However, it's the New Moon in Scorpio on the 18th that can take your life in a very new direction. What you yearn to accomplish or attain can be yours if you truly want it.

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