Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Thursday June 29
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You could be sending out mixed or confusing messages or vibes to certain others now, causing them to question whether or not you are as clear as you've appeared to be where a certain plan or strategy is concerned. In truth, there might actually be more madness than method to something your undertaking now. Don't allow others' well-intended input to be taken as criticism. It's possible they can see something you cannot in your approach. What triggers your action at specific times? Find out now!

Weekly Horoscope starting 23 June

Help and support are on offer to you this week but neither is likely to involve someone coming to your rescue to ask how they might be of assistance. It's as if the cosmos is giving you clues about how to feel more inspired, creative and motivated. That's why it's important this week to absorb as much as possible that does connect with your inspirational and creative sides. Enlightenment or clarity that comes as result will prove to be of enormous supportive value.

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Monthly Horoscope for June

If recent weeks or months have been uneventful on the social scene, then coming weeks will likely bring an influx of invitations. The volume or frequency could require you to be discerning about which to accept and politely refuse. A Full Moon on the 9th could be intense and highlight a sensitive home or family issue requiring careful handling. If you have a pitch to make or a need to persuade someone in some way, then don't underestimate how persuasive your words will be this month! Whatever you ask for confidently, you look set to attain.

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