Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Saturday December 16
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Even if your vision of your future is crystal clear, you might feel anxious when you measure where you stand presently against where you want to be. The gap between your future aspirations and the reality of your present scenario might appear to be canyon-like. However, remember that what's unfolding in the present was, at one time, a long-term goal. You should be optimistic about and proud of your current achievements. Proof of this is coming. Your priorities are focussed, and you experience your life journey as something already organized. Find our more.

Weekly Horoscope starting 15 December

Think of how slowly we approach signs in the far-off distance when driving. Think also of how we can look out of a plane window and the ground below and believe we're traveling at only a few miles per hour. However, the reality of speeds we're traveling at is very different. Events this week mark a new start where time a certain process has taken to show signs of progress is concerned. You're about to discover how much momentum you have had behind you all along.

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Monthly Horoscope for December

The month could kick off with a seemingly unwelcome financial development. However, this will be manageable and resolvable if careless actions don't form any part of decisions. The first half of the month could bring feelings of isolation or detachment, especially if you expect more support from certain individuals. Your daily routine receives a turbo boost, which is great for maximizing your efficiency but presents problems with conveying yourself. Making your point or stating your case too vigorously creates delays and increases the need for apologies. From the 20th, the next two years bring a stronger sense of duty and responsibility where loved ones are concerned. Be prepared to invest more effort to convey feelings that might normally flow with ease.

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