Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Friday September 30
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In some way, you might find yourself feeling as if you're being told to 'know your place.' As determined as you might be to bring about a particular development, it might be clear how certain others who hold influence or can play a part in assisting are instead being obstructive or hampering. For now, trust that you have put in place a process that is gaining momentum. Anyone or anything appearing problematic presently won't continue to be for much longer. Discover the best direction you can take to improve your life.

Weekly Horoscope starting 30 September

A new set of guidelines and possibly boundaries need to be established in a particular relationship but your challenge this week surrounds the best way to make this point. You don't want to tread on toes or upset an equilibrium but it's possible you might need to do both briefly if you're to convey why you need someone to understand your reasons for altering an arrangement they might believe is fine as it is. Make your point calmly and sensitively and you'll succeed.

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Monthly Horoscope for September

There are two separate word combinations that come to mind in looking at your forecast for this month. The first is 'what if' and the other is 'what might'. It's fine to ask questions that start with both provided they only form opening words of questions where you're willing to explore or consider possibilities. They must not form questions that encourage doubt or fear. Fantastic opportunities are on offer this month, as long as you approach and embrace them confidently.

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