Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Tuesday August 30
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You might be able to see how a situation is progressing in a way that is making clear action needs taken sooner than later. You appear able to recognize how and why a decision or maybe some level of effort needs to be made now lest a more confusing scenario down the road makes doing with more difficult. Make hay, as they say, while sun shines. What gets put off or delayed now will only haunt you later. How do you relate to people around you? Your personality and unique potential revealed.

Weekly Horoscope starting 26 August

There's much planetary activity in your sign this week but perhaps the most powerful aspect taking place is one involving Venus and Jupiter, both in your sign. The saying about seeing 'wood' for 'trees' comes to mind. A situation you might have grown too close to in order to see clearly is about to fall neatly into place. Financially, emotionally and creatively, opportunities are presenting themselves - and so too is a challenge that you can overcome easily.

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Monthly Horoscope for August

If you want opinions from others, then you probably won't have to work hard to seek or find them. It appears more than one person has fixed ideas about what's best for you. In truth, they might be one step behind you because your attitude or opinion to a situation or arrangement is altering. You're about to see it in a new light and one that might not fit initially with how others see it. Expect, during coming weeks, to pursue a plan with a new level of vigor and passion.

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