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Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces Daily Horoscope
Feb 20 - Mar 20

Daily Horoscope for Monday 2 February
view Sunday or Tuesday

When two people want to be 'singing from the same hymn sheet' or thinking along the same lines, all that matters is one isn't drowning out the other. When that happens, imbalance gets created and a situation then exists where one person makes the other feel smaller or inferior. This, in turn, eventually causes resentment unless something is done to nip it in the bud before that happens. You and someone else appear to want the same thing. Try not to express your desire for it in ways that are likely to cause ill feeling on someone else's part. Get your 2014 Personal Forecast.

Weekly Horoscope starting 30 January:

Many Pisceans are blessed with very caring dispositions. There are times when people born under your sign know what's best for others before they do, through having an almost psychic bond that connects you to their needs. The coming week might require you to give more consideration than you have of late toward how much investment of time you're giving to placating someone or lengths you're going to in order to bring levels of comfort to their world. It might become clearer how you have your own needs and comfort levels to focus on. By stepping away, even briefly, you will be doing someone a necessary favor. Do so carefully and sensitively.

Monthly Horoscope for February:

When we depart a train or bus at a wrong stop, we experience brief sense of panic. We can sometimes tell instantly by our surroundings that we aren't where we thought we were and this is followed by uncertainty surrounding how we get back to where we need to be. Sometimes, a solution is obvious and time is very much on our side. Other times, we feel as if we have to make concerted effort against deliberately set obstacles. Recently, you're likely to have felt the latter in an area of your world and the great news is, during February, you discover a solution to an issue that has had you feeling as if you're a long way from where you have wanted and needed to be. Uncertainty is about to be replaced with clarity in the form of a focused strategy that will become clearer as February unfolds.

With your very own personal monthly forecast you will be able to take advantage of important opportunities. Avoid over-confidence when caution is required. Face up to situations you have been trying to ignore. Deal with challenging periods. Slow down and take stock when it's necessary. Identify the right time to make a choice or decision. Be ready for surprises and accepting of them. See through deceptions, learn you too can say no. Handle a change of relationship, job or home. When you get your personalized Monthly Forecast we use your precise birth data making the horoscope unique to you. Try either a single month or three, six or twelve months.

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