Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Monday September 24
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You're getting to grips with certain complexities in your world. However, rather than become frustrated by them, use them as a guide to help you plan for the future. Even if you've felt confident that you've done a great job of planning and taking into account every possible eventuality, today's lunation could bring you back to Earth with a bit of a bump. Fortunately, you're encouraged to connect with your adaptable and spontaneous side. There's only so much planning you can do before you have to let some developments unfold on their own. Relationship dilema, have you got a true Soul Mate in your midst ?

Weekly Horoscope starting 21 September

The coming week could bring a need to focus on the amount of 'give and take' between you and a certain person. You might believe there has been more taking than giving on their part, but it's by bringing this matter into the open that you and someone will see it accurately. Balancing a commitment or arrangement requires you to speak openly and honestly, and for someone to do the same. The result will be common ground found that's firm enough for a new beginning or fresh start to be built upon.

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Monthly Horoscope for September

Life might have been chaotic, volatile and on par with wading through wet concrete, all rolled into one, recently. During September, the pace picks up considerably, and you could feel progress becomes easier from the 10th. Some encouraging news comes your way on or around the 9th related to finances, but particularly money that's not related to your earnings. This could relate to an investment, payout or commission, so consider it a reward for your recent efforts and patience. Also on the 9th, Venus influences your career and status for an extended visit until the end of October. Career-related money could come from numerous sources, but a professional plan that might have stalled or been delayed due to a lack of capital could receive a fantastic green light to proceed. Thinking about asking the boss for a raise? This is the month to do it!

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