Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Saturday January 19
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Everyone, despite seemingly solid evidence to the contrary, possesses a sense of humor. However, real skill comes from seeing the funny side to what appears unfunny and managing to smile and see what's comedic or even ludicrous within a situation. Your ability to do this will help enormously with rising above a certain development now or shortly. Your guide to successful dating, discover if this is your year to find love.

Weekly Horoscope starting 18 January

You might feel a need to focus on personal priorities more than those of others, or someone with whom you're committed to or partnered with. You know you're not selfish, but someone might have a different idea or impression as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse influences your companions. Fortunately, the new boundaries put in place become more flexible when you connect with your generous and sympathetic side. Showing someone you care about them can be more effective than telling them. Words can paint pictures regarding your intentions; actions will provide everything else needed for them to become real.

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Monthly Horoscope for January

You're not shy when it comes to speaking up and drawing attention to how something can be done in a more unusual or untraditional way. The urge to do this could intensify as your ruling planet, Uranus, starts to move forward on January 6 and affect how you think and convey yourself. Your ideas might sound far-fetched to others, but they'll make sense to you, and that's what matters. Make an effort to surround yourself with like-minded people because not only does the sky insist they can be found, but they're your ticket to turning one cherished idea into something tangible. Proof of this could arrive around January 22. On January 21, a Lunar Eclipse targets your partnerships and commitments. If there has been more taking than giving on someone's part recently, then this could be magnified but in a way that helps you take the necessary steps to redress any imbalance.

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