Aries Daily Horoscope

Aries Daily Horoscope

Thursday October 18
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A decision made recently was unlikely to have been made recklessly. Your signature impatience or impetuousness is unlikely to have played a part in what you've put in motion. So, why might doubts be creeping in now? Perhaps, you feel you've over-committed or bitten off more than you chew. You're superbly placed to rise to the challenge you've set for yourself. Connect with the part of you that knows this and pushes you – rightfully - in the direction you're heading now. Do you know how to identify the best time to make that important decision?

Weekly Horoscope starting 19 October

Many people believe the definition of success is 'waking each morning and loving what you do each day.' There's truth in that statement but events this week could help you build your self-esteem as you explore the relationship between prosperity and how much you value your work. The first area you might focus on is your finances. You're challenged to manage your resources more efficiently. Committing to spending less and saving more is likely to form half of your strategy. To make the most of cosmic support on offer this week, look closely at ways you could maximize or boost your income. Learning or brushing up on a few skills could be possibilities.

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Monthly Horoscope for October

October brings a time of reflection and repair. Where something is mended, you can be certain it will be improved, and there is a strong emphasis on love and money where any 'correcting' is concerned this month. Venus, the planet of love, beauty, self-esteem, and money commences backward motion from October 5 until November 16, but you have until October 31 to experience new depths of sexual excitement - if one or two fears can be addressed to remove barriers to deeper intimacy. A Full Moon on the 24th targets earned income. One income source might end, but the cosmos has a surprise in store regarding replacing it. If your talents can be put to better use to improve your earnings, then coming weeks could bring precisely the change you need.

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