Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Sunday June 16
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You may feel detached from conversations or exchanges with others at this time. That might suit you, especially if you've made a concerted effort not to become embroiled in controversial topics or subjecting yourself to others' opinions. Until such exchanges involve you directly, then distancing yourself from negative or helpful discussions can be restorative. You probably won't struggle to identify whom you should steer clear of. Discover how you can become a skilful lover and make your partner truly happy.

Weekly Horoscope starting 14 June

This week, you could sense more possibilities on offer than you're able to pursue. The expansive Full Moon influences your routines and service to others, and could draw attention to how overcommitted you feel – or have become! This offers a chance to review, and where necessary, reduce your commitments. It also offers you a chance to self-improve in some way, by replacing any unhealthy habits with healthier ones. You don't need to make urgent decisions or drastic moves this week to bring improvements. Take the chance on offer to think through what you want to change and then choose your moment to put your plan in place. The changes you introduce now are guided by you.

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Monthly Horoscope for June

Your shoulders might feel weary from shouldering responsibilities but it's important that you accept what you are and aren't able to control or influence before shouldering more. The proverbial ball has been left in someone's court to bring a change or improvement to a situation or an arrangement that you're determined to change or improve. You may feel you're relinquishing control of something you've made a considerable emotional investment within – or possibly otherwise. However, time and patience will be integral to ensuring you turn a perceived loss to your advantage.

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