Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Saturday July 21
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You might feel as if others are going out of their way to stack more responsibilities on your already weary shoulders. This might be happening because of the positive and responsible vibe you're sending out that others find reassuring. However, your personal priorities need to remain at the top of your list. Perhaps, saying the word 'no' to one or two people to focus on your needs might send out a message about how frequently they offload tasks in your direction. What's the secret of a better relationship? What is true love? Find our more.

Weekly Horoscope starting 20 July

This week, your desire to do something differently could cause you to be unconcerned about what anyone else thinks. You might even take pleasure in 'standing out from the crowd' or displaying eccentric qualities you're proud of. However, your determination to be seen to differently could come across as overpowering. Someone might even believe you're deliberately challenging or provoking them. What you might regard as playfulness, one or two others could be offended by. Try to keep others' sensitivities in mind, even if you think they're too sensitive.

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Monthly Horoscope for July

You have a clear and perhaps fixed idea about what you want from others. You might also believe you know what's best for them, too. Life would be much simpler if everyone simply agreed with you, but human beings are fickle creatures. They don't take kindly to being told what to do, even if someone has their best interests at heart. During July, you might feel as if one or two people are deliberately ignoring ways you want your relationship with them to progress and strengthen. Fortunately, this opens up new lines of communication between you and allows new levels of understanding to be reached.

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