Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Tuesday December 11
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When people speak about situations or developments 'falling neatly into place', it implies they happen in inexplicable but fortuitous ways. This can leave us wondering why we're suddenly favored by unseen forces that seem to go to considerable lengths normally to thwart our progress. What might be falling into place for you now is the result of the effort you've invested. Consider it a well-deserved reward. Are you close to something life-changing? A personalized astrological report is what you need to bring you up to speed!

Weekly Horoscope starting 07 December

This could be a volatile and potentially emotional period, but it probably won't take you very long to recognize and accept a truth that has needed recognizing and accepting for some time. An area of your world might have benefited from having an extended shelf life and is now altering in a way you can't ignore and must accept. It's important to see realistically what you've been inclined to turn a blind eye to until now. Regardless of how things might appear presently, something is about to finally change for the better.

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Monthly Horoscope for December

If you've felt confused about a love life matter or romantic connection, then the cosmos appears keen to bring a new level of clarity this month. Venus influences true love on December 2, followed by Mercury doing similar on December 6. Both are determined to bring progress to affairs of the heart and help you feel a greater sense of harmony and understanding with a certain special person. The cosmos is also keen to support you career-wise and waiting until after the New Moon on December 7 is wise before taking any bold steps to change jobs or making any work-related decisions. A Full Moon in Cancer on December 22 will undoubtedly heighten emotions. However, a sense of relief that accompanies it could be just as powerful.

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