Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Friday November 16
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Could your time, talents knowledge or expertise be put to better use in some way? That might be a recurring question you ask yourself now. If you're finding you must 'think outside the box' with considering your options, then that's good news. This could lead to a new career path that is more fulfilling, especially if it makes better use of an unexploited talent. The potentially lucrative side to it could be enticing, too. Do you live life following habitual patterns and taking the easiest options? Decide on a meaningful destiny. Find out more.

Weekly Horoscope starting 16 November

We hate some restrictions but can grow to like others, in time. Where you have been aware of a particular restriction in your world, you might have understandably resigned yourself to the fact that it's unlikely to vanish and you must 'like it or lump it.' However, coming events could remind you of how this is more helpful than a hindrance. Once you connect with why it exists, you could soon discover how it helps you to apply patience where you might not have applied it otherwise or provides a particular plan with a structure where it needs it.

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Monthly Horoscope for November

Uranus' influence in your home and family sector returns on November 6 and will last until March 2019. You might have only recently breathed a sigh of relief at not having to deal with domestic chaos you've grown used to in recent years. However, the fact that you have grown used to it makes it infinitely easier to deal with during this brief spell. Whatever crazy or unforeseen situations arise relating to your home or domestic set-up, you'll cope with admirably. In other news, Venus exerts a positive influence related to your career from the 16th. As it moves in the right direction, so too will a career aspiration. Expect to feel more comfortable - and valued!

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