Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Thursday August 16
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Something obvious to you might be something a certain person is blind to or is conveniently ignoring. Enlightening them can only involve limited use of facts and your time because what you're encouraging them to see is something they must see for themselves in time. Remember the saying about leading horses to water! Is your relationship a true success? Find the best way to keep your love alive and behave towards one another.

Weekly Horoscope starting 10 August

The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse influences 'sharing' in every sense of the word – what you own, owe or exchange with someone else. Sharing also involves intimacy and what you reveal to others on a 'need to know' basis. The coming week could shift your focus to what's shared between you and a certain individual. A new agreement or arrangement looks likely. This will run more smoothly if nothing is left unsaid or no truths are concealed. You'll need to summon plenty of honesty and possibly courage to ensure you're completely transparent in any discussions.

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Monthly Horoscope for August

You don't need the cosmos to remind you that more money in your bank account wouldn't go amiss, and much of August could be focused on finding ways to make and save cash. Some Capricorns might need to bite the bullet and seek financial assistance in the form of a loan or advice from someone who can assess your income and outgoings objectively. The period between the 12th and 27th could see your enthusiasm and energy levels nosedive, and you might wonder how or why you've lost your mojo. However, the most sensible strategy you could adopt during this time involves accepting what won't progress or move forward by being forced. Relax and let one or two developments unfold on their own. Trust that the cosmos has your back.

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