Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

Friday February 22
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You're able to see what's positive and deserves to be nurtured in a close connection but could also be increasingly aware of restrictions that apply. It's possible you'll feel pushed to relinquish a certain level of freedom that you're determined to cling to or maintain. What you might feel needs to unfold slowly and gradually, a partner might feel needs more urgency attached to it. Common ground lies with you accepting you might be clinging too tightly to the status quo and someone else accepting that pushing you the way they are has more to do with them satisfying their needs than yours. How do you know the best time to make important decisions? Find out how!

Weekly Horoscope starting 22 February

If you were unsure how passionately you feel about a certain matter, then that could become clear or clearer this week. Passion, we know, can be extremely attractive and you could radiate a certain intensity that conveys undeniable power. However, it's important that you're careful regarding how you choose to apply this – especially where love and money are concerned. There might be something fun and sexy about going 'over the top,' but you could underestimate the strength of certain desires and end up wishing you'd shown a bit more restraint.

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Monthly Horoscope for February

Venus arrives in your sign on February 3, boosting your confidence and attractiveness even more than usual! Life is about to become sweeter and less tense in any area where tension has been rife, and it's not only your physical attractiveness that is enhanced this month. Others could be attracted to you for other reasons, perhaps feeling reassured about what you bring to any collaborative effort – or romantic connection. February 18th to the 22nd could bring a reality check where one close relationship is concerned – or what needs to happen to bring a greater sense of love and fulfillment to your emotional world. An Imbalance you've probably been aware of needs to be addressed and this could become more apparent with the Full Moon on the 19th influencing true love and romance. An issue surrounding giving and receiving will be brought into the spotlight, either helping to create a balance where it's needed or encouraging you and someone to accept it might never be found.

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