Gemini Daily Horoscope

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Friday April 26
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Balance may need to be found regarding what's possible in a particular area and what you need to do to keep a dream or aspiration alive. Where you might see only restrictions or reasons why something can't be accomplished, you could start to gain an accurate and realistic understanding of what's possible. With your confidence growing, you could feel more willing or keen to start tackling what you'd written off as requiring too much effort – or impossible. Career issues? Learn about earning money and ambitions, how you relate to people around you, plus Life Stages that help you make the most of events.

Weekly Horoscope starting 19 April

This week, your voice could be one of reason. It could also, if conveyed sensitively, heal a tense or awkward situation, between you and a certain person. Circumstances are what they are, the past can't be changed and there's little point in dwelling upon what happened or who's to blame. However, it's important that you accept the positive influence you can be with restoring faith or boosting someone's morale. Be guided by your compassionate side – and also allow your leadership qualities to shine!

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Monthly Horoscope for April

Your mind conjures an array of unusual and inventive ideas this month. Sharing thoughts with others is essential, especially if you've managed to get your head around an unusual or enlightening subject. Coming weeks could also involve considerable thought given to long-term goals and unique strategies needed to make visions become real. Jupiter commences a four-month slumber and its influence with relationships and partnerships could involve you connecting with someone from your past and possibly resolving an old rift. The Full Moon on the 19th could encourage you to go overboard when making a particular point. Know when it has been made and when to back off.

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