Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo Daily Horoscope

Sunday December 09
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You might step comfortably into a leadership role, even if this involves rallying friends, family, colleagues, or your community. You want to see others united for a common goal. Of course, getting groups to work together harmoniously or agree to fulfill a shared goal can be like herding cats. Do your bit to remind others about what everyone agrees is a target, even if they have different ideas about how to achieve it. Discover the magic that happens when you and your partner get together.

Weekly Horoscope starting 07 December

This week, the cosmos provides the equivalent of a helpful set of instructions. It's by gaining a more logical and realistic understanding of a situation that you can know precisely what steps to take to bring a potentially long-overdue change. Don't see the need to slow down and apply a more methodical approach to an idea or plan as an obstacle to its progress. You'll soon see the importance of giving whatever-it-is the level of careful attention you're encouraged to give it now.

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Monthly Horoscope for December

Events this month could be focused largely around love, romance, fun, the finer things in life, and your creativity. A brilliant New Moon on the 7th influences all the above, so take your pick where embarking upon a new and potentially thrilling new beginning is concerned. If you want deeper levels of love and affection in your world, then both are on offer during the coming weeks. If communication with family members has been erratic or sporadic, then you could see a noticeable improvement after December 6. A Full Moon on December 22 could heighten your emotions or sense of vulnerability. However, it could also be integral to you moving on from fears or anxieties connected to your domestic set-up or a family matter. Focusing on the relief that comes from what occurs rather than the upheaval or discomfort it brings will make it more manageable.

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