Leo Daily Horoscope

Leo Daily Horoscope

Tuesday August 14
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Try not to allow suspicion to gain a firm foothold in your mind. What you believe doesn't 'add up' probably has nothing to do with deceit or someone trying to be clever by attempting to pull the proverbial wool over your eyes. Your wariness has more to do with the unavailability of information you need before you can make a decision or draw a certain conclusion. Suspicion can soon become negative energy, so do your best to keep it at bay for now. Identify what you can achieve,

Weekly Horoscope starting 10 August

You might feel as if you stand at a crossroads this week and must choose the direction the next part of your life must head toward. However, this selection process would probably be easier if you could see clearly the way you want your life to proceed. It might feel as if you can only see a glimpse of where each option takes you, and you aren't armed with enough information to make an informed choice. The New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse occurs in your sign this week. One thing's for certain: no area of your world is immune to change. Be open-minded and willing to embrace it.

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Monthly Horoscope for August

It might feel as if you've lost the strong connection between what you think and say this month. You might be able to visualize clearly what you intend to communicate to others and discover what emerges from your mouth leaves you and them confused. You might also find that your mind is taken back to the past during coming weeks, reflecting on past events, your role within them and mistakes made. By the time of the Solar Eclipse in your sign on the 11th, you'll be in no doubt about what – or who – no longer plays an important role within your world and what or who you need to move on from. Before you can step forward confidently and embrace a new era, you'll need to be prepared to release whatever or whoever has become outdated or unhelpful.

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