Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra Daily Horoscope

Sunday September 15
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There might be something you're telling others or possibly one person in particular on a “need to know basis.“ You presumably have reasons for drip-feeding certain information. However, don't underestimate the levels of interest that exists with whatever you're choosing to make available in a controlled way. Others' curiosity could result in them successfully putting two and two together. Involving them in discussions helps to encourage confidentiality where you want or need it, too. What is the underlying ambition that drives your career? A Career Analysis will help you disover your true career path.

Weekly Horoscope starting 13 September

We can all be oblivious at times to how transparent we are in the others' eyes. We believe we project or convey ourselves in a certain way, but those who know us best can spot clues that tell them there's more going on behind our eyes or in our heart than we're letting on. This week, inner conflicts you experience could overspill into and influence your closest relationships. What's needed on your part is to look inward rather than outward at what causes any unrest - or possibly pain. If there's emotional baggage that needs to be released to help you move forward and embrace new levels of happiness in your world, then you could find that this week marks the start of doing so.

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Monthly Horoscope for September

If you're reading this at the start of September, then you could, understandably, look out the window and not see any signs of a potentially life-changing month. Whether you end the month feeling similarly depends on how willing you are to take control of situations that may have done a good impression recently of controlling you. If these have caused your confidence to drop or you to feel hesitant about taking a brave step in a new direction, then you'll likely find that the coming weeks bring developments that push you helpfully. The winds of change are about to strengthen noticeably. Buckle up!

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