Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra Daily Horoscope

Saturday July 21
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Who needs a schedule when you know your agenda can fall neatly into place by leaving it alone to do so? Fortunately, your positive attitude is integral to that happening where most tasks or activities are concerned, but some will require you to offer a bit of steering or support. That's also why it's important you don't allow a cavalier approach to responsibilities to cause you to overcommit or renege on a promise. With just a tiny bit of effort, you can find the balance between the magic of spontaneity and working to a structure. Profession, business life and ambition? Where do your talents fit best ? Get a Career Analysis to find out.

Weekly Horoscope starting 20 July

This week, try not to focus on or take too seriously any fluctuations in your self-image or self-esteem. Both could be due to you setting some unrealistic expectations about what someone else expects of you. As Venus forms a tense link with Neptune, you could believe you must invest far more effort than is necessary to gain someone's praise or affection. Accept that the person you're keen to impress loves you already for who you are. If there's one person you should make an effort show more love toward, it's yourself. The more you connect with and share the deep levels of compassion and sensitivity within you, the more you'll see both returned to you

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Monthly Horoscope for July

Countless Klondike gold prospectors in the 1800s dug for years without finding a single nugget and sold their mines for a pittance to someone who struck gold within one day. Sometimes, we're oblivious to how close we are to success, and it's important to bear that in mind during July. Your optimism and enthusiasm toward an idea or plan aren't misplaced, even if it feels as if progress involves one step forward and three steps back. You'll soon feel less frustrated by any apparent backward steps and excited by the tangible and delightful results that come from the steps forward you make. All you need to do is continue to allow faith to override doubts.

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