Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra Daily Horoscope

Saturday October 20
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If your faith levels could do with a boost, then a good reason to feel optimistic awaits you. However, much depends on how willing you are to distinguish one special opportunity from others on offer. This could have a connection with your past and might cause you to question or doubt it. Don't let doubts that affected a decision previously do so now. You're dealing with a very different set of circumstances this time and need to adapt your mindset accordingly. Solid foundations, essential characteristics, emotional and feeling nature, discover more about how you acquired these facets of your personality.

Weekly Horoscope starting 19 October

The week's Full Moon highlights 'deep sharing' and puts focus squarely on levels of openness that exist in a certain relationship. Conversations and exchanges could reach new levels of depth – and honesty. This is a time to steer clear of emotional vampires or people who pour cold water on your passions or ambitions. Your future is a blank page, waiting for you to write your story and coming events could confirm who features in it and who gets left behind.

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Monthly Horoscope for October

Coming weeks could make clear what you're no longer prepared to accept or tolerate from others, especially if your goodwill has been taken advantage of. You could focus during all of October – and possibly until mid-November – on how undervalued you feel and why. It's also possible you possess skills or talents that aren't used fully, or at all. Either way, the theme regarding October relates to your self-esteem and what can be done to boost the appreciation you deserve from others. It might be around the New Moon in your sign on October 8 that kickstarts a fresh start in your life. Finances might be another area that you focus intensely on. However, once again, enhancing your earnings relies on you believing you deserve to earn more. With a bit more self-belief, you could make amazing things happen!

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