Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra Daily Horoscope

Thursday August 16
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Being presented with options can be as exciting as it can be daunting. Where you might have felt it was unnecessary to look beyond what was comfortable or familiar, a new and bigger picture is presenting itself in some way. Something contains more possibilities than you might have believed it did. This is something to be excited by, not fearful of. An array of options can soon be whittled down to one that you know is right. Want to know about your ideal partner? A Relationship Success reading helps you discover more!

Weekly Horoscope starting 10 August

The coming week could highlight an issue that demands to be resolved, but you might be unsure about where to start to bring closure to it. It's also possible that a desire to act in an over-the-top way is tempered by a need to be practical and sensible. This could cause you to believe that taking a brave step or a risk could be more problematic than promising. This week, summon strength, pride, a sense of adventurousness and, above all, confidence. Connect with all the above, and something wonderful and potentially heartwarming can result.

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Monthly Horoscope for August

With Venus spending much of August in your sign, you're bound to feel more confident and send out an even more powerfully attractive vibe than usual. Venus's influence could be helpful if tension arises with a friend during the first few weeks of August and the Solar Eclipse on the 11th might be the catalyst for tension. However, new friendships could be formed, or you might discover new ways to network, either for business or pleasure. Where affairs of the heart are concerned, resist any urge to keep looking to the past for answers to any love life quandary in the present. Whatever or whoever brought comfort in the past is unlikely to be as helpful now or in the future.

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