Libra Daily Horoscope

Libra Daily Horoscope

Friday March 22
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You could understandably believe that certain facts speak for themselves and you're right to take a situation at face value. However, your instincts could urge you to see a different picture. Your head confidently reminds you of what you know to be accurate, but your heart has a very different message regarding what you know to be fair or how integrity must play a part in what's unfolding. Find the truth that exists somewhere in the middle. Have you an upcoming important decision to make? Use Predictor to help.

Weekly Horoscope starting 22 March

It could become clear this week that, where are you were resigned to having to invest considerable effort or perhaps more effort than you felt able or willing to summon, less might be required. That's not the same as copping out or taking any easy option. What you could discover is a new approach that brings a new solution to an old problem. The boost to your confidence that comes from finally overcoming it will make the investment of any effort worth making.

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Monthly Horoscope for March

From the 1st until the 26th, Venus influences self-expression, creativity, dating and pleasure. Your ability to charm goes right off the scale! Your powers of attraction are heightened and more love and appreciation come your way. From this month until 2026, Uranus shakes things up and brings unexpected developments to money that doesn't come from earnings. Developments related to shared resources with a partner, alimony, taxes or loans will keep you thinking on your feet. A Full Moon in your sign on the 20th encourages you to assert your needs without stepping on others' toes. It's time to put your needs first but doing so with respect for others is the way to bring the best results. Don't be surprised if your ability to be a leader is tested in some way, too.

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