Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Monday December 10
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The need to have an awkward conversation with a certain person is unlikely to instill any sense of urgency regarding having it. However, honesty is the best policy, and it's by being seen to be upfront with your thoughts or feelings that someone will drop their guard and be obliging. With thoughts and feelings finally brought into the open, progress where you've wanted to see it made can be made. Let's get together soon . . . what exactly does your partner prefer?

Weekly Horoscope starting 07 December

'To err,' as the poet Alexander Pope observed, 'is human.' Ah, but what about that bit about forgiveness? It needn't apply only to others. We don't forgive ourselves as much as we ought to. Although you might have reasons to look at a recent decision or action and believe it might have been made in error, try instead to be more forgiving toward yourself for having made made or taken it. Remember the saying about how we tend to regret what we don't do in life, rather than what we do, too. You're about to see a reassuring reason that a decision was not a wrong one.

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Monthly Horoscope for December

Until December 2019, you have fantastic support from lucky Jupiter to take impressive strides in your career, and a glimpse into where your career is heading could coincide with the New Moon on December 7. This is a time to think bigger and bolder where career aspirations are concerned. A sentimental Full Moon on December 22 targets your love life, creativity or a child. It will likely become clear that there's something or someone you need to release or be less attached to now and in the future. Letting go might be emotional but, in your heart, you'll know why it's necessary. Trust that this is due to you evolving and that whatever gap is created, the cosmos has every intention of helping you to fill it with something or someone more appropriate.

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