Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Monday December 09
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A boost to your confidence is on offer, but a crucial part of a process must happen first. This involves accepting how you are – or are in the process of – being freed in some way. A burden you've grown used to carrying or supporting is diminishing in strength and size. Although this might cause you to feel noticeably lighter, you'll soon find stable footing. That's what's also needed for you to be in a stronger position to explore - and seize - new opportunities on offer! Do you know your real talents, creative skills and creative abilities?

Weekly Horoscope starting 06 December

From a young age, we quickly discover how much easier it is to overcome someone's stubbornness by showing empathy toward them. But there is a fine line between doing so and being seen as condescending or even naive. However, as many experienced salespeople know, to 'win' someone over, it's essential to be seen to be understanding of their objection and work with them to find a solution. This week, try to be understanding of someone's situation and then be willing to be seen to provide a solution. The more imagination you offer one, the more likely it is they'll take on board what you're proposing. If anyone possesses the ability to gain trust with compassion, then you do – and that innate gift of yours looks set to come in very handy!

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Monthly Horoscope for December

Something is amusing about ways in which superheroes who possess superhuman strength are bound to encounter numerous problems every day because of their gift. Even real people who possess impressive strength probably find it draining to apply it cautiously constantly. This month, you have an abundance of strength available to you. As the month progresses, you could be increasingly aware of how much influence you hold, and it's not in your best interests to suppress it. If you mix it with enough sensitivity, you could bring healing or work some magic in more than one person's world.

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