Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Friday February 22
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Finding common ground in conversations could prove tricky, especially if you sense you're the one bringing interesting and thought-provoking topics to any exchanges. It's not that you're uninterested in hearing about what's occurring in others' worlds, but you could want to experience a conversation underpinned by as much as passion as you bring to it. Discussions could be about anything under the sun as far you're concerned as long as they inspire or, even better excite the listener. It might be up to you to gently encourage more intriguing interactions. Is your relationship a true success? Find the best way to keep your love alive and behave towards one another.

Weekly Horoscope starting 22 February

Let's consider the analogy about a glass being half full. An optimist sees it that way, a pessimist sees it as half empty, and a realist sees it as half full of liquid and half full of air. However, a realist might also see a glass that's twice as big as it needs to be! This week, there could be more than one perspective available regarding a certain situation or arrangement. Where you see a shortfall, perhaps the correct way to see it involves accepting that you've set your sights or expectation too high. If you dial them back, then you could start to see something inspiring in what seemed to be uninspiring.

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Monthly Horoscope for February

The cosmos encourages you to reflect upon actions you're considering, especially as a New Moon influences detachment and contemplation. It's also possible a surprise development causes you to step back and take proper stock of what your next move must be. Your ability to assess situations calmly and rationally could come in handy with a financial surprise around the 13th. On February 14, Mars influences thoughts, ideas, and communication until March 31. You have superb cosmic support to convey yourself passionately, especially with Mercury already boosting your ability to communicate clearly. A Full Moon shines a bright light on a commitment or partnership on February 19. Whether business-related or personal, a shared situation that has needed to move up a gear will likely do so at this time. Full Moons bring new chapters as well as closure, so whatever occurs can only result in progress made in some way.

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