Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Monday May 20
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Someone clearly doesn't know you well if they believe they can lay down the law or impose a strict restriction and you'll simply nod and comply with it. Fortunately, you're more knowledgeable about how and why something must be done a certain way. What someone sees as a sensible or clever strategy will soon reveal itself to be less simple or straightforward. For now, keep calm, carry on, smile and nod. As always, the truth will emerge soon enough. Do you make the most of your creative talents? Learn what you're capable of.

Weekly Horoscope starting 17 May

We understand patience is a virtue, but this can be easily overlooked when we have much to accomplish and pressing problems to solve. This week, you could be aware of how patience is more of a vice than a virtue. It could be what's causing you to adopt too much of a relaxed attitude toward something that you perhaps ought to be fired up about. However, only allow yourself to be pushed to the point where you take specific, decisive action. Otherwise, you could waste considerable time and energy getting all worked up about something that doesn't need as much effort as you could be inclined to give it. Don't resort to forcefulness where a swift, determined effort is needed.

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Monthly Horoscope for May

You could feel pushed to ring changes to your daily routines, even if there is a certain sluggishness to how you get things done this month. Fortunately, you're unlikely to become anxious or worried about the pace at which certain plans or projects unfold, believing they'll get finished whenever they get finished. This could make you more productive by not overexerting yourself and boosting your stress or tension levels in the process. On the 18th, you could be reminded that, although you have a sunny, lighthearted side, you also have a dark side. By accepting and addressing this, you could help someone to come to terms with their demons. Be the healing influence you can be in a certain person's world this month.

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