Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Wednesday November 13
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Even if we're unaware of giving thought to an action we take, we never act without investing some level of brainpower first. We know thoughts control our actions, but might it be possible for actions to control thoughts? Taking the initiative in some way now could bring you valuable insight. What you do instinctively could be the catalyst for launching a thought process that will prove to be both helpful and necessary. Do you want understand more about your love-life?

Weekly Horoscope starting 08 November

This week, as Mars links with Jupiter, you could be aware of how you're moving toward greater depth of understanding regarding where you stand currently with certain people or situations and what inspires and motivates you. Mars can be influential in helping to restore motivation and determination that may have been lost or diminished recently. Your mojo looks set to return, and this can help you to summon fresh energy and commitment for a new exciting plan or project. Where you may have sensed that an area of your world had become rudderless or uninspiring, you look set to discover that your revived energy is about to take you in a very new - and very right - direction.

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Monthly Horoscope for November

Events this month bode exceptionally well for you feeling more empowered, attractive, admired, and loved. You also have a fresh start in whatever area you want it. Where you've experienced obstacles, delays or uncooperativeness, life looks set to become noticeably more manageable. It's the positive shift in attitude accompanying this that can help you to make something impressive and memorable happen, even if momentum seems to build helpfully as November draws to a close.

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