Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Tuesday August 14
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Nobody could possibly claim to know you better than you know yourself. Even if you were certain you knew all there is to know about you, you could make a surprising discovery now, or shortly. Not only could you be surprised at your ability to surprise yourself, but you also look set to have a very real reason to feel proud from doing so. Prepare for some confidence-building enlightenment. Solid foundations, essential characteristics, emotional and feeling nature, discover more about how you acquired these facets of your personality.

Weekly Horoscope starting 10 August

This week, a challenge begs for attention and for you to rise to it. The act of doing so could take you halfway to overcoming it. By accepting time has come to confront what has been a source of uncertainty, confusion or prone to procrastination, something potentially wonderful and far-reaching can be achieved. You might believe, at first, that you don't possess the effort or stamina required to overcome this obstacle. Coming events could confirm, to your delight and reassurance, how able - and supported - you are.

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Monthly Horoscope for August

A learning curve of some kind awaits you this month, and if this didn't feel forced, then you'd probably be more receptive toward it. Where you might normally embrace the need to find and absorb new information, you might feel as if your mind is unwilling to cooperate. It's also possible that a plan or project connected with advertising, broadcasting, education or social media reveals itself to hold less potential for success or fulfillment than you thought it did. Fortunately, the Solar Eclipse on the 11th could present a new opportunity to pursue. A similar revelation could come from the Full Moon on the 26th regarding a home or family issue. A solution to an ongoing domestic issue could finally present itself.

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