Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Monday May 20
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Something reassuring can arrive from knowing you and someone are either on the same proverbial page or able to take a conversation or exchange into deeper or unfamiliar territory. This allows you to see possibilities where you saw only hurdles or restrictions until now – and you could feel relieved to discover that you and this person can get on with making something happen together rather than work around a limitation. Opportunities are all around us but we sometimes fail to spot them.

Weekly Horoscope starting 17 May

Sometimes, it's what's seemingly small, irrelevant, or trivial that has the most immense, transformative influence. This week, it's important that you take more notice of what's small, paltry or trying to get your attention in the far-off distance. What's seemingly minor holds significant power. If you can remain open-minded and trust your instincts this week, you could not only have your attention drawn to something that you might have normally been inclined to ignore or dismiss but experience an event or development that holds enough power to transform your life positively.

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Monthly Horoscope for May

There could be something thrilling about instantaneous change affecting your closest relationships - or one in particular - this month. However, even if you feel tempted to break relationship rules, you'll only create complications if you don't accept how the emphasis is shifting from your needs onto those of others. It's important to create an environment that fosters healthy relationships, and you have plenty of planetary support to do so. On the 18th, you're urged to check in with your heart to reassess your personal aspirations. Are you on the right path or have you wandered off track? Either way, you're about to take a significant step toward creating the life you know you want – and deserve!

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