Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Friday February 22
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You might have a schedule or agenda clear in your mind but find your efforts to stick with it are met with resistance by someone determined to push you to work entirely to theirs. Rather than allow your signature stubbornness to kick in, look closely at what someone needs from you and what's in for you to comply. Showing willingness to compromise or cooperate benefits both of you. With a more open and receptive mind, their request might not be the tall or selfish order you thought it was. Want to know about your ideal partner? A Relationship Success reading helps you discover more!

Weekly Horoscope starting 22 February

'These things are sent to try us.' We can often resent rather than appreciate such words when they're said to us by a well-meaning person. We know the words to mean that every event happens for a reason and we have an obligation to rise to a challenge. However, even if we can't change a situation, we can always change our attitude toward it. Adopting a more positive attitude toward a seemingly awkward scenario this week is not only helpful, but it's also essential. You've overcome this before and can do so again.

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Monthly Horoscope for February

You might not be able to suppress an urge to shake up more than one area of your life this month. A feeling that 'enough is enough' could intensify, specifically within a home, family or domestic situation as early as February 4. With Mars influencing partnerships and commitments from February 14 until the end of March, you could find you possess extra levels of passion that can be delightfully sexy - or powerfully confrontational. Some Scorpions might need to accept that collaboration and cooperation are essential to making progress – especially if Mars's influence heightens things on the domestic front. Between the 18th and 22nd, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto influence communication and it might be time to issue someone an ultimatum – but take time to ensure that what you state or demand is thought through thoroughly. A Full Moon on February 19 might shift your focus to a friend in need but could also bring closure to plans connected with a personal dream. Perhaps it's time to take steps to make it real?

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