Taurus Daily Horoscope

Taurus Daily Horoscope

Saturday January 19
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Your creativity could be heightened at this time, and one area that you might choose to focus your creative talents could be within your home. If you weren't able to find the time during the festive period to do some decorating or spruce up your abode in some way, then you could feel inspired to do so now. It might also be a friend's home where your creative or artistic talents could be applied and appreciated. Do you know life happens in cycles? Know when they begin and end.

Weekly Horoscope starting 18 January

This is a time to take more notice of the message that comes from dreams or to take a few that already hold a prominent place in your mind and heart more seriously. However, it can be easy to draw comfort from your mind's creations but not so easy to see them in a realistic, practical context. Don't waste valuable time scrutinizing or trying to find flaws in what your heart urges you to do this week. You're receiving inspiration and are pushed to make at least one cherished aspiration become real for a good and timely reason. Trust that.

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Monthly Horoscope for January

If you've wanted to bring a wave of reassurance or a greater depth of self-fulfillment to your world, then you look set to experience both during coming weeks. However, whatever occurs is the result of effort made recently and ways in which you've been the captain of your own destiny with giving your life a greater sense of meaning and purpose. You're right to accept that your efforts are bringing a tidal wave of change and upheaval that you'll need to adjust to. However, both are a small price to pay for taking a gratifying step toward achieving something that boosts your self-pride and self-worth enormously.

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