Taurus Daily Horoscope

Taurus Daily Horoscope

Sunday September 15
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You could be aware of how discomfort has replaced comfort in a particular area, but try to spot the benefits surrounding what has changed. It's possible that fear and uncertainty have been significant factors regarding a willingness on your part to take a necessary and brave step in a particular way. As certain information wings its way to you, it could be increasingly difficult to resist taking this step, too! Do you know your real talents, creative skills and creative abilities?

Weekly Horoscope starting 13 September

This week, negativity and pessimism could easily find their way into your world if you allow them to. All you need to do is hear them knocking, open the door willingly, and they'll be pleased to enter. By adopting a positive and optimistic attitude, you will undoubtedly attract people toward you, expose yourself to more friendships, and stand a good chance of forming or strengthening a key relationship. So, try to accept that any reasons you have to feel deflated are likely self-created. If you can be less self-protective, self-defensive, and more open-minded, then you could discover that this turns out to be a very pleasing - and potentially pivotal - week.

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Monthly Horoscope for September

This month, you could view more than one area of your world as manageable or that you have somehow gained control of what had felt uncertain or volatile. This is something to welcome and embrace, rather than be suspicious of. If anything, coming weeks offer you a chance to take stock of and assess how your recent efforts affect your current circumstances. If you need reassurance that a plan, idea or project is on track for success, then you look set to receive it during the coming weeks. As for one friendship, it remains to be seen if that continues as it has done.

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