Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Sunday September 15
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You might not have to look too closely at where “enough“ has become “enough,“ but may need to accept that it's necessary to put an aspect of the past behind you. Progress in more than one area relies on you finding new levels of strength and conviction, which could be difficult to summon if you cling too strongly to a past episode. For as long as you're dwelling and focusing upon why certain situations occurred, you could be oblivious to fantastic opportunities begging for attention. They need and deserve it. Is there a certain person you want to be closer to? Find out more about them and how astrologically compatible you are.

Weekly Horoscope starting 13 September

This week, you have a rare chance to bring a very significant and potentially overdue change. It's therefore important that you know what you're doing - and why you're doing it - you stand to get what you wish for. The opportunity presenting itself is not only worth taking, but it's also worth thinking through properly before you take it. Fortunately, the arrival of essential information could prove enormously helpful and insightful with this. Before you can take a far-reaching stride into the future, allow the new perspective coming your way during the coming days to help with this.

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Monthly Horoscope for September

This month, you could be accused of receiving cosmic favouritism. September kicks off with no less than four planets in your sign. Life is bound to feel noticeably intense, but it will also feel significantly more comfortable and manageable. Don't prime yourself for a month of further delays, disappointments or anxiety. Coming events will ensure you feel reinvigorated and inspired in so many helpful and timely ways. Trust your inner wisdom to help you harness the abundant energy on offer to you because you might underestimate the power and influence you hold. If it becomes clear that it's time for a relationship to shift or change, then take a bold step this month.

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