Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Monday September 24
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The Moon grows full at this time and targets your shared resources. For many Virgos, some freedom is assured from a financial obligation that has been tiring and draining in more ways than one. We're talking about money that is separate from your earnings, such as loans, credit, taxes alimony or possibly a mortgage. A new chapter commences regarding finances, and you could be saying the words, 'not soon enough' as you breathe a well-deserved sigh of relief! What influenced your own development, assertiveness, friendships and social attitudes? Discover more about the power of your mind and attitude towards money.

Weekly Horoscope starting 21 September

You might feel as if you're asked to give more than what you're prepared to give or share this week. If you've opted to say nothing where a joint financial matter or obligation is concerned in the hope it would resolve itself, then coming events could change that. If you've hoped a certain person would accept an imbalance in a financial arrangement, then progress or resolution can happen if you're willing to speak up and highlight the issue. That will be essential if you want to bring closure to it.

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Monthly Horoscope for September

Confusion is about to be replaced with clarity as September commences, particularly due to Mercury's arrival in your sign from the 5th to the 21st. What has been cloudy, vague or uncertain becomes crystal clear and you'll find thought processes, decisions and your ability to communicate become heightened significantly. This is boosted further by Venus influencing communication from the 9th until the end of October, helping your words flow effortlessly and colorfully. Things get even better with a New Moon in your sign on the 9th, bringing you a fresh start or clean slate wherever you want either or both, so choose carefully. Financial relief comes courtesy of the Full Moon on the 24th as you become finally freed from one financial burden.

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