Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Saturday January 19
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Your focus could be squarely on what needs to be 'put right' within a certain situation or arrangement. However, a careful and methodical approach rather than a hasty one can bring a much better result. A sense of urgency could encourage you to react or respond quickly, but it could become clear that what you're dealing with needs more careful handling than you thought. What opportunities await you? Read what your personal Forecaster says./a>

Weekly Horoscope starting 18 January

You might experience difficulty when conveying your ideas this week as many could emerge so quickly that you won't be able to release them fast enough. However, your audience might lose interest if topics of conversation revolve solely around your wants, needs, interests or pet peeves. There's no need to speak your mind so fervently to gain someone's approval or trust. As long as what you speak is the truth and you make a concerted effort to balance talking with listening, then you could find someone drops a communicative barrier and opens up to you in a wonderful and potentially heartwarming way.

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Monthly Horoscope for January

A powerful Solar Eclipse on January 5 influences true love and brings a significant shift in your emotional world. The cosmos appears keen to bring a tremendous sense of warmth and reassurance to your love life and instill a greater sense of 'belonging' where your connection with a certain person is concerned. Whether single or attached, you could end the month feeling one connection is the stuff soul mates are made of. You're also blessed with plenty of delightful Venus magic where your home and family are concerned from January 7 until early February. Something connected with your abode or a family member looks set to be a tremendous source of comfort, relief – or luck – around January 22, too!

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