Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Wednesday July 17
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Game show contestants like studio audiences shouting advice or encouragement at contestants. It adds pressure and enhances the excitement. Whether contestants find this helpful is debatable. Might seeking advice in some way only add to pressure in your world or make something unnecessarily confusing? Your heart knows what you need to do. Don't deviate from its message now. What are your real talents, creative skills and financial abilities?

Weekly Horoscope starting 12 July

This week, you could feel a stronger urge to distance or detach yourself from certain people, and particularly the social scene or friends. However, you're also encouraged to reveal what's on your mind and in your heart, and possibly to one person in particular. The Full Moon Partial Solar Eclipse influences self-expression, and it's important that you act on your feelings rather than subject them to close scrutiny or assessment. Yes, there are likely to be strong, passionate feelings and emotions that shouldn't be suppressed. But if you feel pushed this week to open up to somebody, then try not to see that as another level of pressure you could do without.

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Monthly Horoscope for July

Your love life receives a serious shake-up - and could be transformed - due to the Lunar Eclipse on July 16. For a romantic or relationship situation improve, it might need to go through a 'deconstruction' process, and be rebuilt – and possibly from scratch or Square One. Whether this process relates to thoughts or feelings you've suppressed or you believe the end of your tether has been reached with a lover or love life situation, you won't be able to hide or run from this unrest or tension any longer. Fortunately, you can emerge through the other side feeling liberated, rejuvenated, or healed. This will become clear once the dust settles.

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