Virgo Daily Horoscope

Virgo Daily Horoscope

Tuesday December 11
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In a world where miscommunication and misunderstandings are common despite the vast technology available, our instincts speak to us with crystal clarity. We're right to trust the message received, too. Where your instincts are sending something on par with a warning signal, you need only acknowledge receipt of the message for now. You know what you need to keep a watchful eye on - and why. Challenged? Identify the right time to make a choice or decision with a Forecaster reading.

Weekly Horoscope starting 07 December

There isn't a single person on Earth who isn't entitled to hope and plan for a better future. We're accused of being too dreamy sometimes, but the most amazing developments in life always start as visions. However, each of us knows how comforting it can be to remain in the realms of fantasy – and how we do ourselves a disservice by doing so. You might need to keep certain visions on a back burner as you focus your attention and efforts on what needs and deserves attention here in the present. That might be the only way you'll spot a certain opportunity.

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Monthly Horoscope for December

A New Moon on December 7 focuses its energy on home or family matters, and with lucky Jupiter involved, a sense of optimism won't be unfounded. However, a relationship or commitment issue could bring a wake-up call of sorts or encourage you to see it in the cold light of day, rather than idealistically. If a heart-to-heart chat is needed with a certain person, then a need to instigate it could arise during the first week of December. The Full Moon on December 22 highlights friendships and a way you might need to step in and offer support to one chum. They probably couldn't want anyone better to offer the support or practical advice you're able to offer, either.

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